Interactive Farm Management


A simple to use app for farm mapping and livestock management

Manage stock movements, joining and calving dates, welfare management - like drenching and vaccination dates. With FARMap, you can input data and produce reports quickly without the paperwork.



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Interactive Farm Mapping

Map your farm using satellite imagery as your base by adding paddocks and other features from your phone, tablet, or computer.

When paddocks are added, allocate livestock to the paddocks and commence your livestock movement and treatment recording.

View and print reports as you need them.



FARMap allows multiple users and multiple farms. By recording all livestock movements and treatments as well as all paddock treatments into FARMap, you have on record all the information needed to create reports for quality assurance purposes.

Reports can be created from your phone, tablet or computer, all linked together from anyone on the farm with FARMap on their device. Livestock records include mob movement, feeding, mating which creates auto dates for lambing/calving, and chemical treatments. Paddock treatment records include chemical name and batch numbers, wind speed and direction, and applicators details.

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Adding Paddocks

Adding a Mob

Recording Livestock Treatments

Recording Treatments by Paddocks